Private Online Psychological Therapy

Do you ever find yourself feeling disconnected from the world or feeling numb?


Or alternatively feeling the intensity of your emotion is just too much?


And the more you try to push the discomfort away it just seems to linger or get worse?


Maybe this is due to negative life experiences you have encountered in the past, but this may still be affecting your life today and possibly leading to patterns of behaviour that are starting to become a problem or cause difficulties in your life and relationships with others (i.e. zoning out, avoidance, addiction, pushing people away or over working etc).


It is at these times of stress or difficulty that it can feel like a lonely place, but it can be helpful to access a safe space to talk. And you don't have to do this alone any longer.  

Private online therapy is available for you to book now. It is easy, quick and simple to book your time to talk and you can be seen within the week. Sessions are offered through a secure online platform using video calls and together we can explore what you would like your life to look like so we can work towards creating a more meaningful future.

By working together in this way, tailored packages specific to your needs can be offered  from the comfort of your own home, cutting out all additional expenses and travel costs while making it as flexible as possible for you to access. It also means I can still be accessible to you if you are on the move and away for work or on holiday (or physical distancing at the present time). 


typical areas of support

People often access psychological therapy for many of life's problems. Below are a number of areas that I am I able to support you with. The list is not extensive so please contact if you are unsure. Clarification can be gained through an initial 10-15 minute consultation, when you click through to 'Book Now'.


Anxiety and anxiety/ panic disorders

Depression and other mood disorders

Trauma and PTSD

Substance use and addictions

Bipolar disorder

Support to improve interpersonal relationships



Body dysmorphia

Personality disorder


Relaxation training

Mindfulness sessions


How does it work?

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Step 1) Click- 'BOOK NOW'


Step 2) Pick a date and time slot, then pay online to reserve your session.

[You will receive a text/ email confirmation and reminder regarding your appointment]


Step 3) When you receive 'Terms of Service' via email. Please read carefully and click to sign.

Step 4) You will receive an email link on the day of your session which you can click. This will send you through to the secure, private, online platform for your session to get access to the support you deserve (best to use Google Chrome for this).

Therapy Fees

INITIAL APPOINTMENT £25 : Up to 15 minutes where your reasons for seeking therapy are discussed in brief.


FOLLOW UP APPOINTMENTS £120 : Follow up appointments last up to 50 minutes. The first one or two sessions will be based on gathering information and completing any relevant assessments where necessary. This helps to gain a more in depth understanding of any difficulties and areas of strength to provide clarity on treatment needs and guide therapy. Within following sessions we will undertake therapy that we agreed during initial sessions.



Your One on One Psychological therapy includes...

INITIAL CONSULTATION AND INTIAL ASSESSMENT: The first couple of sessions will be based around information gathering and making sense of the problem at hand. This process enables us to clearly identify the precise areas that will be most effective to focus on during your therapy.


SESSIONS WITH DR SARAH: Online sessions will occur remotely via a secure video link (Follow up sessions are up to 50 minutes long each).

INSPIRED ACTION PLAN: A tailored programme designed and created bespoke to you and your needs.

MUST-HAVE RESOURCES: If you would like to receive notes from sessions then this will be made available to you at no extra cost, including outlines, action plans and specialised resources selected specifically for you -- all typed-up and clearly organized to ensure you get the most out of your 1x1 sessions and deliver you true and lasting clarity to maintain wellbeing. 

FLEXIBLITY: Sessions can be flexible and arranged at a time to suit you whether you are at home or on the go. No need to leave the house or rush back for an appointment. All you need is access to a computer/ mobile device and wifi.

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I would love to work closely with you to develop the success that you deserve.

And find your calm confidence amongst the chaos.

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