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  • To develop a shared understanding of a persons circumstances, how a person is currently functioning and to gain an idea of things that may be influencing how they are thinking, feeling or behaving. 

  • To assess and develop a clear sense of any difficulties occurring.

  • Identify the persons strengths and any meaningful goals that they wish to work towards.

  • Identify any treatment needs and an appropriate way forwards to help improve mental health, wellbeing and overall quality of life. If the assessment is within care services or forensic settings it would also be to highlight any treatment recommendations to reduce any potential risk to self or others where necessary.


  • Assessments would be undertaken in the first one or two sessions with  every new client wishing to undertake therapy. This provides clarity and guidance for all future sessions. 

  • Assessments may also be requested by services to help inform treatment they are offering their service users (in-patient or out-patient mental health services, learning disability services, prison or probation, rehabilitation services, solicitors).

What does an assessment involve?

  • If you are a private client the first session would be used as a means of assessing your current situation and circumstances. All this means is that we would use the time to chat about why you are wanting to access therapy or support, any difficulties you may be experiencing and any things you have tried already before coming to see me. To understand how any of us function on a day to day basis it can also be helpful to discuss your background history to build a picture of different factors that may have been influential to you and the way you think, feel and respond. Lastly it is also really important to gain a good understanding of what changes you would like to see, what you are working towards and highlight the strengths you already have. Appropriately selected questionnaires may also be used to facilitate this.

  • For mental health services or court cases, assessments would require a range of psychometric questionnaires or exercises to be undertaken alongside, file reviews and information gathering regarding the client’s life history. Interviews with the client themselves and any other significant people involved in their care would also be of benefit.

assessment fees and what to do next

  • If you are a private client enquiring for yourself, this would be included within the first one or two sessions that you book in for as part of your therapeutic sessions.

  • If you are enquiring for a company or service quotes for assessments are available on request which would need to take into account the specific requirements and the amount of work involved. Typically this would be calculated based on £120 per hour.

  • Please email if you wish to enquire about or request this service, stating the type of assessment needed and the purpose of it.