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Making the step to seek support for yourself or your company can feel like a big decision, and finding the right professional is key in helping to move things forward for you. It is important that you feel happy with your choice of professional, and know that they have the appropriate knowledge and qualifications to meet your needs.

As a Psychologist working in the field of mental health, wellbeing and criminal justice I have worked with a significant number of people helping to overcome the most difficult and complex of psychological problems related to various life struggles and trauma, mental health, addiction, offending behaviours and stress related issues.

Working with those who are most vulnerable in the community and hospital settings to business owners and clinicians I have taken a personalised, flexible and tailored approach in order to help meet their needs and work towards their goals. I’m passionate about what I do, and love to help people enhance the quality of life that they lead or the service that they are providing for others.  With this in mind working together and gaining a shared understanding any difficulties faced and what you are aiming for is a crucial part of the process.


The term Practitioner Psychologist is a protected professional title which may only be used by qualified psychologists and is overseen by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). For myself I qualified as Doctor in Forensic Psychology whereby the route to attain this takes a minimum of seven years specialist study and training, often longer. It required the successful completion of a 3 year undergraduate psychology degree (BSc Psychology), relevant clinical and forensic experience, and a three to four year intensive doctoral training programme (ForenPsyD).

As well as being registered with the HCPC, I am also a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and hold the European Certificate in Psychology as well. Holding registration with each of these professional bodies means that I am required to maintain a reputable standard of professional conduct and code of ethics. It also means that I receive regular supervision and undertake continual professional development and specialist training to further enhance knowledge and expertise. As a rule I make efforts to keep up to date with the latest developments in research and best practice to provide quality treatments approaches and advice.


My role within services has involved:

*Delivering in-depth psychological/ risk assessments to provide recommendations for treatment (both face to face and online)
*Providing 1:1 and group therapy
*Supporting the development of service structure and risk management

*Providing specialist training, case consultations and supervision for staff
*Delivering lectures for an MSc programme

Having specialised in forensic mental health I have substantial experience working within clinical settings including secure inpatient hospitals (private and NHS) and have also provided community based support (private and NHS). I have worked intensively with adults who suffer with complex mental health difficulties, learning disabilities and personality disorder. This is often complicated by co-occurring addiction, self-harm, trauma and significant offence related behaviours. 

While taking the opportunity to work in various settings and with different clientele the underlying premise of what I do is about understanding and working with people, no matter what background they are from or way of life they lead but to offer a safe and non-judgmental space to overcome any difficulties they may have. This might be to help cope with difficult feelings, help change behaviour they are not happy with, help build insight or improve relationships, interactions or overall life goals.

Whether you are seeking support for yourself, someone else or the service you work in, together we can identify barriers to success, and support you to bring about greater clarity, awareness and meaningful change.